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WIP Update September 8, 2011

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Aside from the whole Beowulf thing, I was actually pretty darn productive last weekend.  I finished off the Vernazza sleep set (project name ‘titania’ on Ravelry) and the Buttoned Muffler.  I came really close to finishing my Winter Dreams shirt, but the stupid button band (see my previous post) interfered with that.  I’m also nearly done with my dad’s birthday scarf… a full month in advance!  I think that’s a record for gift-knitting timeliness for me.

Hopefully, I can finish the shirt this week and wear it to school next Monday… fingers crossed!


The Battle Song of the Knitter September 5, 2011

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note: this is a “warrior’s boast” in the style of Beowulf.  One example of “how to have fun while still doing your homework.”


For eight years my needles have writ poetry in yarn;

Sometimes, I admit, these rhymes have been ill-wrought.

I am a veteran of frogs and twisted stitches;

To knit the perfect sweater has, alas, not been my lot.


Any yet, despite these mishaps, for sock knitting I’m famed.

Lace and Fair Isle stockings have I fought and won.

Victoria and Snow Bunny are two that could by named;

Long and glorious battles, now over and done.


For the first, I armed myself with Malabrigo Sock;

Straight and slender knit-spears were my tools of choice.

Deftly dueled I daily with cables and lace panels

No painful cry for air sounded in my voice.


For the next, I chose instead some Heritage Cascade;

That sheep-twist worked together with my needles.

Wearily and wildly I wove my wooly workings;

The triumph of my victory will ne’er fade.


More complex things that socks from my closet haunt me still;

Shaping, seaming, and fit walk in my nightmares yet.

The Classic Shirt by Sally Melville took my honor;

This button-down in blue’s an old opponent.


Twice have I tried and failed to beat my great enemy;

The little button band drove me to defeat.

Jeering laughs from other knitters have rained down on me;

Tonight I’ll try again to save my honor.


With thin Alpaca Lace and brave determination

With my trusty knit-spears stainèd blue by time

With jaded eye and steady hand and calculating mind

I’ll end this shirt or else I’ll end my knitting and my rhyme.


Adventures in Yarnbombing, pt. 1 August 10, 2011

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I successfully completed my first yarnbombing run ever this morning!  I was going to do a piece on my town’s main drag, but I got up later than I had planned, and it felt a tad exposed to be yarnbombing on the main road at 7:15 in the morning.  Instead, I passed a handy playground en route and bombed there.  I had five tags and a calling card in my bag, along with an id, a cell phone, and a pocketknife.  I was nervous as I pulled in and checked the area for hidden observers – this particular playgroup is catty-corner from a library and right next to a city admin building.

I climbed onto the playground, checked my measurements, and started bombing.  I quickly discovered that yarnbombing, at least for newbies, is a nerve-wracking process.  Every few stitches I stopped to check that no one was watching.  But I couldn’t do anything about it when civil servants started pulling into the parking lot and passing the playground on the way in to work!  Fortunately, the bit of parking lot that backs the playground is a small one, and I don’t think anyone noticed me.

But then came the kid.  In the middle of tag #3, a little girl showed up and started putting the swing set to good use.  She was watching me the whole time!  My strategy was to keep quiet and try to look like I was supposed to be there.  She didn’t say a word, but I was on the receiving end of several weirded-out glances.  I finished the fifth tag and got the heck out of there, hoping she wouldn’t tell on me.  I took a couple cell phone shots, which I’ll put up later, and pedaled away VERY quickly.

Despite my fears of getting caught, the leg cramps ensuing from crouching for half an hour, and the guilty feeling I have for “defacing” a playground, I’m hooked.  My next project – bike racks!


Project Roundup June 26, 2011

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Works in Progress (WIPs)

Vernazza sleep set

Yarnbombing tags

Women 4 Women Knitting 4 Peace shawl


Projects in Hibernation (PIHs)

Classic Shirt

Snow Bunny Socks

Scrap afghan

Baby hat


My freefroming adventure August 10, 2009

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Enter a new chapter in my knitter’s life – The Red Sweater.  I have wanted to knit a red sweater ever since I saw a knitting blog called The Red Sweater.  So, while visiting Reno, I made a stop at Jimmy Beans’s wool to look for yarn for another sweater.  I didn’t find the yarn for that sweater, but I did find two balls of red Cascade 220 Superwash.  I bought the yarn to make a pair of socks.  These particular socks start out with two inches of 1×1 rib, and then switches to a K3, P1 rib for five inches before starting on the heel.  I tried the budding sock cuff on my arm and decided that beautiful yarn like the Cascade in a nice, simple design, would look much better as a sweater than on my feet.  So, back I went to Jimmy Beans.  They have great selection and a fabulous pattern library, so, if you’re ever in Reno, be sure to stop by.  Anyway, I asked the woman behind the counter for some help.  I told her this was my first time freeforming anything, and I was sure I would screw up if I didn’t get some help right away.  She was very nice and very helpful.  She figured out the yardage with a handy-dandy “sweater calculator,” then looked up a pattern I could use as a model.  She had made the pattern herself and loved the results.  This particular pattern, called “owls,” featured sleeves and a body that were knit in the round and then knitted together in such a way as to form a yoke.  Then, you decreased for the shoulders, knitted the collar, and bound off.  I thought this was a fabulous idea, so she printed out the pattern for me and I took it with me when I left.  I haven’t even finished the first sleeve yet (I’m doing the sleeves first,) so I can’t really report on the results of my experiment.  Wish me luck!


Your sporadic blogger,



WIPs January 14, 2009

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Dear readers,

It seems that I have to post frequently in order to keep you coming.  Very well!

I am stalled on Ocean Stripes.  I have begun knitting a test scarf… more on that later.  I am knitting the gusset of my first ever pair of socks.  (No name yet)  Zen is also stalled, as exams are coming up and I am focusing on a couple projects.  Those couple projects are the Belated Xmas arm warmers, for lack of a better name; and the socks, which the pattern calls Varsity.




Well… January 4, 2009

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Well, I didn’t make it to my local (actually, it’s not very local, but it’s the closest one to my house) yarn store today or yesterday, but my mom and I are going to go tomorrow, since the winter sale starts then and the yarn I have in mind for my next project is a bit more expensive than I would like.

I’m almost done with my big paper-yay!

It’s misty and drizzly but beautiful right now, and, for once, my dogs are being somehwhat well behaved.

It’s the perfect day to curl up and knit and knit and drink tea, but there’s work that needs to be done, so I won’t knit as much as I would like to.  Good thing I can read a novel and knit on double-pointed needles at the same time.

And the big question: why does everything I want to knit right now require either needles I don’t have or needles that are already in use?


WIP update January 2, 2009

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Wow!  I finished Serenity a long time ago, Ocean Stripes is getting there, I am working on a pair of arm warmers (no name yet), and I finished Steve, the cutest knitted Stegosaurus ever!  Zen is about halfway done, and I have three rows sewn together for Hodgepodge, the scrap blanket.  I have no idea when the new PS colors will come out.  I’m going totry to get to my LYS tomorrow to but supplies for my first ever real pair of socks.  They look complicated, so I will probobly need daily help.  Look out 2009, here I come!




Stitch In The Spotlight: Linen Stitch July 21, 2008

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I tried this stitch out on Serenity’s strap, not sure about it, only to discover that Linen Stitch is the ultimate form-meets-function pattern.  It features a different look on each side, melded with easy knitting, strength, and stretch.

Row 1: K

Row 2: P

Row 3: sl1, *k1, sl1 purlwise WYIF* rep from * to * to last st, k1.

Row 4: sl1, *p1, sl1 purlwise WYIB* rep form * to * to last st, p1.

rep rows 3 and 4 untill knitting is desired length.


Zen is begun! June 9, 2008

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I started my tank top, Zen.  I’m up to the first stripe already!  Wow-you fans really visited alot last month.  Lets try to visit even more this month, shall we?  Not that I’m complaining!



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